A Very Brief List of Sample Size Calculators

Searching the 'net for sample size calculators reveals that there are many calculators for things which can be done easily by hand. There are some noteworthy sample size calculators out there, though. What follows is a brief list.

Russ Lenth at the University of Iowa
Russ' own applets are primarily for ANOVA-type tests. He also maintains some links to other power & sample size pages.
Jason Bond at UCLA
A collection of simple sample-size calculators. Noting that Jason works at the Statistical Consulting Center at UCLA explains why he's written this collection, perhaps. Another link to the same calculators (but which looks far less stodgy is here.
David Schoenfeld at Massachusetts General Hospital
Sample size calculations for clinical trials, such as crossover studies and the like. (Note: the server is actually at Hahv'd in Owah Faiah City ahv Cambridge.)
The Office of Educational Testing, Research and Service at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
A calculator for a simple 2-way ANOVA design.

Last updated February 12, 1999