Unpacking all messages in Claris Emailer

Symptom: Emailer unpacks messages at startup before any accounts have even been checked!

Real problem: Emailer goes through it's usual downloading, but it doesn't unpack all the messages which have come in. The remaining messages are then unpacked the next time emailer goes through its unpacking routine. Of course, it usually leaves some other messages behind, again.


  1. Quit Emailer if it is running.
  2. Open up Claris Emailer Folder -> Claris Emailer Files, preferably in list view.
  3. Click the expose triangle next to the Temp Incoming folder.
  4. If the Temp Incoming folder is not empty, start Emailer and quit it again, without checking mail. It will nonetheless unpack some mail. Keep doing this until the Temp Incoming folder is empty.
  5. Once the Temp Incoming folder is empty,
    1. Drag the Temp Incoming folder to the trash.
    2. Close the Claris Emailer Files window.
    3. Start Emailer - your problems should be gone.

Problem Cause: the silly .DS_Store file which Mac OS X puts into every folder which has been opened by the Finder. The .DS_Store file is supposed to store info such as the view, the size of the window, and the like, so that the Finder can open it just like it was when it was last closed. Unfortunately, Classic apps don't know about .DS_Store files, so that they can get confused by their presence.

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