Stupid Jaguar Modem Tricks

Some of you might have had the same misfortune that I had when upgrading to Jaguar: the internal modem decided to stop paying attention to modem scripts. Here is a hack which seems to have worked for me. It is given in an order which might reduce the number of needed steps.
  1. Alter your favorite modem script to be sure that the modem is hung up before it starts dialling.
    1. Open the Network Preferences, click on the Modem tab, and see the name of the modem script you use.
    2. Depending on your constitution...
    3. Try dialling up. If you still have problems, try changing the pause to a longer time (it is in units of 1/10ths of seconds).
    4. If you still have trouble, read on.
  2. Be sure your modem's firmware is up to date.
    1. If your machine is old enough, be sure that you have used the modem updater 2.0 to fix up the firmware. (I'm not sure if this is necessary, but I suppose that it cannot hurt.)
    2. To install the updater, you need to boot up under Classic (Mac OS 9.2.x or 9.1.x).
    3. If the installer starts crashing your machine (as it did mine), rather than spend 2 hours rebooting and crashing, just dial out from Classic once. This seems to reset things and make Mr Updater much happier.
    4. Go back to Mac OS X, and try to dial out with your altered modem script.
    5. If things don't work, then my hack doesn't work.
  3. If the firmware is fine, try
    1. Boot up under Classic (MacOS 9.2 or maybe 9.1)
    2. Dial out once from Classic.
    3. Go back to Mac OS X
    4. Now you're on your own!

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Last Updated Wednesday, May 10, 2006, 13:54