Just in case the presets are forgotten, here's how to print 2-sided with 3-hole paper to a Xerox Docucentre 440. It is already assumed that the printing even works. Note: sporadic problems can be solved by installing gimp-print.
  1. Check the printer to be sure that the three-holed paper is loaded wrong. If loaded according to the diagram on the machine, the holes will appear on the right-hand side of the page when printing two-sided documents.
  2. Go to the duplex printing option, and set the binding to be between the pages. Ignore the corner which is folded in the icon.
    screen shot of duplex print dialog
  3. Go to the Printer Features, and
    1. For Finishing, set the output bin to Side Tray, and turn stapling on.
      screen shot of finishing print dialog
    2. For Media Options, set the Media Type to Drilled
      screen shot of media type print dialog
  4. Go back to the Copies and Pages, and pick the number of copies.

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