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The ado-mode for Emacs

The ado-mode is a major [editing] mode for Emacs which allows truly good editing of Stata, namely do, ado, sthlp, smcl, and mata files. Here is a screenshot to see what the highlighting does. The mode also handles indentation, date stamps, and includes templates for writing help files, project do-files and the like.

Emacs versions back to 24.3 are supported.

Here is the change log which says what is new.

The current version is, which is made for Stata 16.1. It works just fine with earlier versions of Stata, but it will highlight commands as though you were using Stata 16.1.

Here are the things which make life easier when using the ado-mode.

The zipped current version can be obtained by clicking here.

Even better, you can grab it from github: This makes both updating and reporting bugs a zillion times easier.

Anyways, here are the installation instructions.

Please let me know if there are any troubles with the installations, since there are little quirks with cross-platform Emacs stuff.

ado-mode is on Twitter: @ado-mode. The real reason for this is to have an easy RSS feed for finding out about updates:

If you are curious about Emacs, here is some more info. It is very dated, but it conveys the feeling well. If you are sold, and want to get a copy, here are more instructions.

If you are intrigued about using editors for editing Stata code in a nicer way than the built-in do-file editor works, try checking out the unofficial FAQ on text editors and Stata.

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Last updated: January 5, 2021